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Pakistan Mango Movement

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Muslim United Forcce

An important note. I, along with other Muslim brothers, am forming a Muslim Student Body to promote brotherhood in Muslims and promote Muslim education. Those who want to support us in this noble cause and help the Muslim Youth to unite under a common banner should comment their names,email address and country below. This is a vital step to restore the Muslim nation to it's former glory. Islam has given so much to you. It is time to pay back that debt. The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace ) said:" Everyone one of you is responsible and everyone of you will be questioned about his responsibilty." Thanks.

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Compilation of the Holy Quran

Since the Holy Quran was not revealed all at once and its
different verses were revealed as and when appropriate,
so it was neither possible nor practicable from the very
beginning to write and preserve it in a book form.
Before one can begin to understand the manner in which
it was preserved, the amazing memories of
the Arab nation must be kept in mind. And of course, the
fact that Allah Himself has said:
“Verily, it is We Who have sent down this Message and it is We Who
shall guard it.” (Surah Hijr; 15:9)

How the Quran was preserved in the time of the Holy Prophet?

 The Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet through Jibril , who would make
sure that he s learnt its verses by heart.
 Once the Holy Prophet had memorized the verses, Jibril would tell him that
these verses should be placed in so and so Surah in so and so order.
 When the Holy Prophet had learnt the verses, he would then teach them to his
companions who would
 Learn them by heart (these Huffaz were 1000s)
 The scribes of the Holy Prophet, would write the verses under his instruction
on paper, stone tablets, bones, palm leaves, wooden boards or animal skins.
(These companions were about 34).
 Quran was preserved in partial volumes in writing, but primarily in the hearts
of tens of thousands of his companions.

Preservation and Compilation duringthe caliphates of Abu Bakr and Umar

 A large number of Huffaz killed at Yamamah
 Umar proposed to Abu Bakr: Lets Write it down in a single
 After some initial hesitation, he Agreed
 A team of Muqri Sahaba led by Zaid bin Thabit were formed to
conduct this task

How did Zayd ensure authenticity?

 The contributor must have in writing as well as be a Hafiz
 He tested its reliability against his own memory and that of
his team of Huffaz
 Two trustworthy witnesses had testified to the fact that the
particular verse had been written in the presence of the
 The written verses were matched with the collections of
The Final Volume
 This Task was completed by Umar’s time and stayed with him
until his martyrdom.
 Then it went in the custody of Hafsah and thus became
known as Mus’haf-i-Hafsah.

Preservation and Compilation in  the period of Uthman bin 'Affan  Islamic Empire had spread far and wide—

 New people with new tongues, languages, dialects and
pronunciations had become Muslims
 They began to use these to recite Quran in sometimes odd
 Hudhayfa bin Yaman approached the caliph Uthman and told
him about the possible dangers of this
 Uthman immediately took action
 Reassembled a team under Zaid bin Thabit
 Made seven copies of Mushaf e Hafsa
 Sent these to the provincial capitals
 Destroyed any deviant/incomplete manuscript

Key Features of the Surahs

Allah in Himself
• Allah in Himself (Person)
– The Holy Quran describes and elaborates details about the person of
– Usually certain symbolic expressions and parables have been used
for this purpose.
– For example, Surah An Nur describes Allah as a 'light', (give example
here) & Sura Ikhlas
• Allah in Himself (Attributes)
– The Holy Quran describes and elaborates details about the nature
and attributes of Allah using parables & analogies
– Attributes of Allah: (Surah Al Hashr)
• Allah in Himself (Powers)
– Another oft repeated theme is that of Allah's Unmatchable power,
“ Verily, when He intends a thing, His command is "Be" and it is! (36:82)
& Sura Al Anaam
• Allah in Himself (Signs)
– “Among His signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the
moon. Adore not the sun and the moon, but adore Allah, who
created them, if it is Him you wish to serve”  Surah Fussilat/Sajda
Key Features of Allah’s relationship 
with His creation
• He is most Gracious &
• All Praise is due to Allah
• He is the Lord of the Worlds,
• Master of the Day of
• Will reward / punish as per
• Only He is to be worshipped
• He is to be feared
• He grants Guidance
• Those who follow guidance
get Grace
• Those who don’t, earn His
• He is the Creator of all, us &
all around us; of Good & Evil
• We Should not set up rivals
with Him
• He gave us knowledge
• His refuge should be sought
from evil
Key Features of Allah’s relationship with His 
• They are Allah’s vicegerents on
• They have been granted special
and great knowledge by Allah
• They are much higher in status
than the angels
• They must follow His instructions
• They are very intelligent
• They recognize Allah very well
through His Signs
• Their focus is towards Allah only
• They don’t do Shirk
• Allah has favored them
• He gave them miracles
• He never forsakes them
• He is never displeased with them
• They have His Shelter
• He grants them guidance
• He grants them abundance
• His deals with their enemies

• They have special missions